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2011 csd Preview – Alex Rios

Alex came to the White Sox on a waiver deal while he was not playing well in 2009. The change of scenery did not help him much that season. Last year we really got a look at what Alex can do. He can really play the field, and he is not too shabby at the plate either.

His batting style is one that I love to photograph. He does not start off in a conventional way at all. His stance reminds me a little of Moises Alou. You just can’t believe that he can get a good swing off the way that he starts, but it really seems to work. That swing is one that I enjoy taking pictures of throughout the season. This picture was taken last season as the Sox were playing the Cubs at Wrigley. It really seemed to be a perfect day to take pictures. The sun was perfect for most of the game, and then I got some great pictures when the rain started. Big drops look great on film (or your computer).

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