merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Miguel Olivo

I have been a fan of Miguel’s ever since he was a member of the White Sox. His grand slam against the Cubs is still ingrained in my mind. Miguel has since played for several teams. I have seen him on a couple of those. He is a solid catcher, and it seems teams recognize that as he is never without work. He has signed on to play with the Mariners this season going back to a former team. I may have to go and see a game or two when they come to town.

This picture was taken before a game last season. Olivo was a member of the Rockies. I had seats in the bleachers, and during warm ups took all the pictures that I could because I didn’t know when I would be able to get another picture. I took a few of Miguel as he was warming up Aaron Cook. I really like the back of this card. I have never been inside of Safeco Field unless you count the gift shop. I took this picture just before walking around the stadium last spring. I parked in a zone without any markings that it was illegal, but still got a ticket anyway. Aren’t they nice in Seattle. I think the picture of the front of the park makes a great background for the back of my card.

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