merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Randy Wells (w/Vince Vaughn)

I have had the front of this card made for some time, but was struggling to get the motivation to make the back. I can already see an issue during the season of getting the front and backs made. I am sure that at some point I will just give up on the backs. The front of the card is easy. I just put my picture on it and change the name, position, and number. The back requires a little more work which sometimes I am not in the mood for. I love how it looks, but snapping my fingers doesn’t always get it done.

I love the picture on this card of Randy walking with Vince Vaughn. Last year before a game against the Diamondbacks Vince threw out the first pitch. Randy caught it, and this picture was taken as they were walking back to the dugout area. I always say how I am looking for different pictures to put on cards. This one definitely qualifies. I had a card in the 2010 set of Vince throwing out the ball. It was cool to work him into this set.


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