merging my pictures and cards

1985 Topps – Craig Biggio

At almost this time last year I was in Houston to see the Boilers in the NCAA Tournament. I really wanted to do the Minute Maid Park tour, but the only real chance that we had to do it was to go right after our plane landing. We hustled straight from the airport to the park to take our tour. It was my first park tour, and it was pretty great. We had a great guide, and it is a beautiful park. Of course I wasn’t a favorite of the guide because I had a Sox jersey on, and kept talking about the 2005 World Series. That is why I wanted to take the tour though.

This statue of Craig is located outside the park. They have a great set that shows Craig throwing over to Jeff Bagwell. I loved this picture over Craig’s shoulder towards the park, and thought that I would put it on a card. I have a new small set that I want to release, but I thought that I should finish the 2010 set before I start any more new ones. Another view of this statue will be in that set. I am now under 20 cards left before I can put the 2010 set to bed. It is kind of bittersweet.

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