merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Tyler Flowers

Here is another Charlotte Knight card in the preview set. Tyler has been a prospect that we have all been hoping will bust out at anytime. Actually I think that they White Sox have been hoping for that themselves. I think that the original plan was to have Tyler as the full time catcher right now. Signing A.J. this off season I think was a sign that they don’t exactly have a lot of faith in him right now.

The back of this card is pretty much the same as the others. The one change is that I put the 2010 custom card on the back. I wanted a Knights card of Tyler on the back, and realized that I had made one. I think that led to the decision that if possible I will have my 2010 custom card on the back of all 2011 custom cards. Of course not all the players will be in the set so I will have to put another card on it. Of course I guess I could just make one as well, but we are talking about a lot more work. I do like having the website on the card as well.

I love the picture on the front of the card. I already had a card made up for Tyler when I saw it. For the first time I went back and made another card for a player. I just liked the picture enough that I decided to change it. Of course I could have put it on another card, but this is my set so stop telling me what to do. Anyway the original front can be seen above. The pictures are a year apart, and you can see how much his gear changed in a short time.

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