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2011 csd Preview – Stefan Gartrell

Stefan is a player that I have learned a lot more about the last few days. During the Sox broadcast against the Cubs Friday Hawk had nothing but good things to say about the young outfielder. During that game he seemed to be the only offense the White Sox had early on as well. I didn’t pay too much attention to him when I saw him play for Charlotte last season, but I may pay a little more this season.

I also learned about Stefan through another baseball card blog. Steve at White Sox Cards is doing a great Cactus League Custom set for the White Sox. I liked the set so much that I decided to use his card on the back of my card in place of the normal rookie card. Since Stefan is so young there was not too much to choose from. The best looking card was the one that I used at the bottom. I did change one thing on the back. Instead of having just my name on the bottom right hand corner of the card I have now put the blog name down there. Since this is a web based set I figured why not?


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