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1989 Upper Deck – Jason Heyward

What player could have rivaled Griffey in hype since his 1989 rookie card? I was have to say Jason Heyward would be up there. Strasburg had the hype, but was hurt too quickly for it to build. Heyward started strong, made the all star team, and then helped his team make the playoffs. He was listed as the #1 prospect in baseball prior to the season, and showed us why.

I chose this picture because I really liked it. Jason was racing Mark Buehrle to the bag last season, and it almost looks as if they are holding hands for the last step. It was just so different from anything else I had of him that I thought I should put it on the card. Jason also appeared on the first ’89 Upper Deck card I ever made. The card was of Gordon Beckham, but Heyward was the guy sliding under him trying to break up the double play.

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