merging my pictures and cards

1989 Upper Deck – Chris Snyder

The interesting pictures just keep on coming with this one of Chris Snyder. Last year before the start of the game with the Cubs Snyder was practicing his sweep tag. That was not odd. What was odd was that he was doing it by the right field foul pole. I thought it was interesting so I took a couple pictures of the event.

To me it is just so odd that you see a catcher in full gear practicing plays at the plate in the outfield. I know why he was doing it, but it still looked odd. Couple that with the unique nature of the Wrigley outfield and you have a cool picture. I have a couple more with Chris in different stages of his tag that will probably end up on cards at some point. I love catchers, and when they are in a weird situation it makes it even cooler.


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