merging my pictures and cards

1989 Upper Deck – Ken Griffey Jr.

I wondered if I should attempt this card at first. I had a picture of Ken that I found with the template for the 1989 Upper Deck card open. As I was putting it on the card I thought of the relevance his first card had on the industry in 1989. I opened unknown amounts of packs to try and get this card in 1989. In fact I don’t go to our mall in town anymore since it is mostly shut down, but once inside I see where the old card shop used to be. My first thought is of that ’89 Upper Deck card of the kid.

The story of the original card is pretty interesting. Tom Geideman was in charge of coming up with the numbering for the Upper Deck set. He knew that card #1 would be reserved for a hot prospect. The names being thrown around were Gary Sheffield, Sandy Alomar Jr, Greg Jefferies, or Griffey. Griffey was the only one who had not been in the majors yet, but the card would soon be an icon. Geidman supposedly picked Griffey because he was a Seattle fan. It turns out that he made the right choice. The original card is one of my all time favorite cards, and any try to duplicate that on my part would be futile. I just decided to make another card in my set.

This picture was taken in 2008 as Ken was standing on third on what should have been the last game of the regular season against the Indians. Ken was standing on third waiting for the pitch, and his opportunity to score. I thought that it would work well for my last card of ‘the Kid.’ I wish I had a few more pictures of him at my disposal.


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