merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Roy Halladay

Since Roy is the cover boy for the New MLB 2k11 game that came out today I thought that I would end the night with a couple cards of the ace pitcher. I am really starting to like my set again. For a while I was having too much fun with other cards, but I have been having fun making some of these teams that I have not made before. I wanted to try and make as many teams before the season started so that I had a template when I started getting the new pictures in. It turns out I am making a completely new set in the process. I guess this is like my version of the Topps Opening Day set.

The picture on the front of the card was taken last year when Roy and the Phillies came to Chicago for a Sunday night game against the Cubs. I was excited to see one of the best pitchers in the league go up against the Cubbies. For some reason Roy did not have his stuff that night, and I had to hear that terrible song at the end of the game. I still was happy to see Roy pitch in person, and tried to get as many pictures as my bleacher seat would allow. The back has the generic background as well since I have never been to Philly to see the team play yet. I hope to change that soon as it looks like a beautiful park.

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