merging my pictures and cards

2010-2011 csd Basketball – Lewis Jackson

Lewis JacksonI took this picture of Lewis when he tried to dunk the ball against Michigan State earlier this season. I loved it right away because he is such a little guy that the picture looks great. A Purdue student took my picture and changed it for a t-shirt design that he had come up with. I liked his changes so much that I decided to make a card out of it.

When I put the picture on the card I realized that I had some space on the side that I needed to fill. Thanks to my 2011 baseball set I knew just what to do. I like the overall look of the card so I thought that I would release it right as the Purdue game I am at should be starting. This is a baseball card blog, but every now and then another sports card will show up. As March Madness comes around a few more basketball cards might just appear.

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