merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Todd Helton

The next card in the preview set is of Todd Helton. I created this set so that I could work out the kinks in the set as I was making the cards. This is kind of like an Opening Day set except the actual set will contain different pictures. This card is a perfect example of the evolution of a design. Since I have started I realized the number in the lower corner was too big. I have shrunk that over time. The dash in between the player name and position has been replaced with a diamond. The diamond has even evolved over time into a perfect diamond. This card changed a little as I decided to add some color to it. The one underused color in the Rockies scheme has been purple for the most part. They really like to use the black instead. I was no different. I originally had a black border with purple lettering. You couldn’t read that so I changed the lettering to White. That part of the card looked a lot like a White Sox card. I ended up just going all out with the purple, and I think it looks good. I am really happy with how this card turned out.

The picture on this card is one that I really like. It was taken last May as the Rockies were in Chicago to play the Cubs. I thought that my bleacher seats would have prevented me from getting a good picture of Todd. He came down to watch the pitcher warm up before the game, and then stepped into the box to watch the pitches come in close up. You can see his concentration here as the ball comes in. Since I have not been to Coors Field the back of this card uses the generic template. Someday I would like to have pictures of all 30 stadiums, but I think that is a long shot. I used the USA rookie card as well because I liked how young Todd looked on it.

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