merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Jeff Baker

Last season I had great seats for a game the Cubs were playing against the Diamondbacks. While the other players were warming up Jeff came out dressed like this. He was having fun messing around with the other Cubs as they got ready for the game. I took a couple of pictures of him out there. One of them is shown above. The other I put on my 2010 card. I posted that card before I left for a Cubs game against the Rockies. When I walked into the stadium the first thing I saw was Jason Giambi hitting a ball to the wall right in front of me. Baker picked it up, and I yelled his named and asked him to toss it to me. He did with a smile. I would never have known who he was if I had not made that card.

The back of this card has been discussed a little already. I still love how that scoreboard looks on the card. I think I have an idea for next years set based on this card.


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