merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Chris Getz

This was one of the first cards I made in this set. I had the front made before I had even thought about making backs to the cards. Then I changed designs so much that the front of the card had become outdated. I finally upgraded it so that I could count it as done. I took this picture late in the game in May. As you can see it had started getting a little colder so Chris was trying to warm up his hand. I liked the picture because it was so simple.

The back of this card stayed the same as the Brian Bannister card which was the only other Royals card that has been released so far. I really did not have a great picture of Kaufman to use so I had to use a very old picture taken in 2005. The stadium has been upgraded since so maybe I can get there this season to get an upgraded picture.

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