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1977 Topps – Orlando Cabrera

Before the season starts I thought I would try and post all the cards of players that are no longer on the Sox. That way when the season starts I am just posting cards of current Sox players. The first of those that I will put out is this 1977 Topps Orlando Cabrera. Orlando was a part of the success of the 2008 Sox team, but he was a trouble in the clubhouse form what we were told. I like how he wants to win as bad as he does, but he sometimes goes to far to get that result. If you look at his track record he does often end up on winning teams. He doesn’t stay on them though so that should tell you something about his clubhouse demeanor.

I love this ’77 Topps set. I will have a few of these before this site is all said and done. This picture of Cabrera was taken on what should have been the last day of the season in 2008 against the Indians. He was a fun player to photograph so I will have a couple more cards of him coming up shortly.


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