merging my pictures and cards

1978 Topps – Carlos Quentin

After having so many themed days I thought I would post some random cards today. I like this 1978 Topps design so I am sure that I will have quite a few of these cards before I am done here. I already have a handful waiting to be put on the site. Being snowed in with nothing to do a couple times this winter really helped me stockpile some cards. Now I just have to take my time and get them on this site.

I love this picture of Carlos. I took it in 2009 when I had seats behind the Sox on deck circle for a game against the Orioles. Carlos was reacting to getting hit by a pitch. You would think I was lucky getting a picture of him getting hit, but he gets hit so much it can’t be that rare. He just will not get out of the way of a pitch. Not only that he gets hit without flinching. How many people out there could watch a 90+ MPH pitch come right at you and not flinch? Not many I would assume.


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