merging my pictures and cards

1989 Upper Deck – Omar Vizquel

For some reason I seem to like to put all of my pictures of players sliding and on the ground on the 1989 Upper Deck card. I thought that I would start Saturation Saturday off with this card of Omar sliding into home against the Royals. I had so many cards of players on the ground in some capacity in this set I thought I would post a few of them today.

As I said before this picture was taken in July when I was at the Cell on a bus trip. Our seats were in the outfield which presents a problem if you want good pictures. This one is a little iffy. I shot Omar sliding into home from deep center so it is a little grainy. I like the picture though so it makes the blog. Expect a few pictures of players on the ground throughout the day.

This may be a first for this site. Omar actually had a 1989 Upper Deck card. I made a Griffey card for obvious reasons thinking that would be the first. Until I was typing this I didn’t even think about Omar having a card in the set. So now he has gone full circle. Maybe that is the last thing he was waiting for before he retired.


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