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1989 Upper Deck – Andruw Jones

The flood of 1989 Upper Deck cards continues with this card of Andruw. I really was high on Jones at the beginning of the season. He came out of the box on fire it seemed like. He was in double digit home runs very quickly, but then seemed to hit a wall. He was still fun to watch play the game, and I was sad to see him go from an entertainment standpoint. He is now playing for the Yankees. I was able to see him play his first game for them today thanks to the MLB Network.

This picture was taken last year against the Blue Jays as Andruw was sliding into third for a triple. He absolutely creamed a ball that hit off the wall. He got on his horse early, and stretched it into a triple. I think the shot of him hitting the ball has already been put on a card. Whether or not it has been released yet I could not tell you right now. I have been putting out so many cards that I am having trouble remembering which ones I have done, and which ones I have not.


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