merging my pictures and cards

1989 Upper Deck – Alexei Ramirez

I already had a card for this set for Alexei when I made this one. Thankfully I already set a little precedent by just changing the logo on the card. The other Alexei had the new logo on it so I just placed the logo that was on the original card here. This card is actually very easy once the template is made. In photoshop I have the teams I have used on the sidebar so I just click on the right one, and it appears where it should. Then I just have to change the name and position and I am good to go.

That is of course after I put the picture on the card. As I explained in the first post today I ended up putting every picture that could be turned sideways on this card. This process is fairly simple. I have a folder of my pictures that I think would look good on cards. I just go through that folder and decide what card to use the picture on. I guess this set comes up a lot because I have ended up with quite a few of them. During the snowpocolypse I was very bored and went on a spree of making cards. I have way too many sitting in my folder now so I have to do a few of these dumps so that I can start over when the season starts.

This picture was taken in early April last season when the Sox were playing the Twins. We had seats in the StubHub chairs in right field. The angle was not too great for pictures, but I took a few anyway. I like this one of Alexei diving back into first base. I think I like it because it is much different than most of the other pictures on the cards I make.

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