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2011 csd Preview – Mark Buehrle

The White Sox have announced that Mark Buehrle will be the Opening Day starter for the ninth time in his career. Many have said that the season John Danks had last year gave him the right to be the Opening Day starter. Mark has done so much for the organization though that it seems as if until he is gone the job should be his. I thought that with the news it was time to release his preview card for the 2011 set.

The picture on the front was taken at a rare time when Mark did not have his beard going. I felt odd putting it on the card, but thought that it was so odd that it was like putting a picture up of a special jersey. He also looks a little like the guy on the rookie card that I put on the back. Mark is one of my favorite players because of the way he plays the game. He knows that it is a game after all. I am sure that their are plenty of cards to follow for Mark on this site.

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