merging my pictures and cards

1993 Donruss – Alex Rios

This is the 14th card that I have posted today. I had to make some of them on the fly to make this day work. The first few were all made, but a few of them had to be made tonight. I found this card while looking for a good 1992 Donruss template. I never really collected it, but I loved how it looked. I figured that I could squeeze one more card into this day. It was a simple design that was easy to make. I just separated the name plate and team area, and then put the picture behind them. I really loved this design, and even though it is newer I thought that I might try a few more before it is all said and done.

This is yet another picture taken that June day at Wrigley. Alex is one of my favorite guys to photograph. He has a unique swing that looks great on camera. This picture just seemed to fit the card perfect, and inspired me to make a few more of these. I may wait a while as I am rather burned out tonight. Tomorrow I will probably just post cards that I have already made. I need a rest after tonight. A card like this to end the night makes it all worth while though.


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