merging my pictures and cards

1991 Donruss – Carlos Quentin

This is probably the last year that I collected any Donruss cards. In fact when I looked at the ’93 Donruss card I didn’t really recognize it. There was a time when I could have told you any card by just looking at the front. Of course things have changed dramatically since then. This card was not too bad to create. I had a little help though. While searching for cards to alter I came across a high res image that Goose Joak cards had made into a card. A couple of clicks to get rid of the picture, and then just change the name and position.

Yet another picture today that was taken at Wrigley in June. Like I said before the conditions made me realize why so many pictures on cards in the 80’s were taken at the Friendly Confines. I love the expression on Carlos’ face. He really is all business while the game is going on.


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