merging my pictures and cards

1987 Donruss Diamond King – Paul Konerko

How can you talk about Donruss all day without mentioning the Diamond Kings? Diamond Kings were one of the coolest parts of the set as a kid. Who would be crowned king this year? Who would the Sox king be? I made this card early on in the custom card days so it is a little rough, but I put a lot of work into it so why not post it?

The coolest part of the Diamond King cards is the fact that they have two pictures (or portraits) on them. The major picture on the card was taken at Wrigley last season. A lot of those pictures seem to be making it onto these cards today. The inset picture was taken at the Cell, but I can’t remember when I took it. I had to use a filter on my program to try and make the pictures look like a painting. Like I said the card is rough, but it was one of my first that I will finally release.


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