merging my pictures and cards

1985 Donruss – Jim Thome

This is the last of the big logo ’85 Donruss cards that I have already made. I could have re-made the card, but part of me still likes that big logo even though it ruins the card.The 1985 Donruss set is the one that I probably like the best. You have probably already figured that out though by the number of cards from the set that have already made the blog. There is something about the way the black border and blue bottom of the Sox cards look that I really like. This will not be the last of these on here for sure. I think that they really got this one right.

This is one picture that I don’t remember where it came from. I made the card so long ago that the date escapes me. I would guess it is from the 2009 season because that is the only time I really sat on the third base side with Thome on the team. I like the picture because he has totally turned around to see the call of the ump. Will he flip his bat and jog to first or do the little slide step back to the dugout? That is part of the beauty of cards is that you can decide your own outcome.


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