merging my pictures and cards

1983 Donruss – John Danks

By 1983 Donruss was starting to find their stride. The design was similar to the 1982 design, but the pictures seemed to be getting better. The bat stayed on the bottom of the card, but the team name was now on a baseball glove. I went back and changed the logo on this card as well to keep the year. I had just my script name in the upper left hand corner, but thought it looked much better with the year. I did replace the Donruss logo with my own though.

This picture was taken in 2009 as John was walking in from the bullpen. I love the walk, and liked the fact that he was blowing a bubble when I snapped the picture. For some reason it blurred a little when I put it on the card. I didn’t think it looked too bad so I kept it.

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