merging my pictures and cards

1982 Donruss – Matt Thornton

The second effort by Donruss had a little more to it then the initial release. They added a bat and a ball to the card basically. Something just seemed wrong with my ’81 Donruss card. Taking off the year really too away from the card. I had done the same thing here, but quickly changed it. I didn’t want to keep the Donruss logo so I put one of my own in its place. I really like how it turned out.

This picture of Matt was taken last July when the Sox were playing the Royals. I was walking around trying to get some good pictures. I stopped just on the side of the screen to snap a couple of pictures, and a woman asked me if I wanted her seat. She gave me her ticket, and I went down to row five to sit. It was behind the Royals on deck circle, and I got this picture and a couple more of Matty Ice while down there.

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