merging my pictures and cards

1989 Upper Deck – Nyjer Morgan

This past weekend at a card shop I found some 2002 Upper Deck cards that were styled like the 1989 Upper Deck card. I really liked how they looked with updated logos. I may toy with throwing some of the updated logos onto the cards to see how they look. Since the company that made the card has copied their design I don’t feel so bad anymore.

This picture was taken in 2009 when the Pirates were playing an interleague matchup against the White Sox. The fans in the bleachers were giving him a hard time the entire game. After Jack Wilson homered off of Bobby Jenks to tie the game, Morgan doubled and scored what would be the winning run. I took this picture as he came back onto the field for the bottom of the ninth. He was giving it back to all the fans who were giving it to him the entire game. I thought that it made a great picture for an Upper Deck card.


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