merging my pictures and cards

1989 Upper Deck – Jason Kendall

Another 1989 Upper Deck card. I really like this set because it allows me to post some pictures that I couldn’t put on a 1987 Topps or a 1985 Donruss card. This set is basically the mold with which I modeled my 2011 custom set after. You have just enough room to get all the important data on the card, but leave plenty of room for the picture. I really like the ’89 Upper Deck set.

This picture is an example of one that I could not fit on most cards that I have made so far. I took it from center field last July when the Royals were in Chicago to face the White Sox. I ended up moving closer and getting some better pictures of Jason, but I liked this picture. He blocking a ball in the dirt during a Carlos Quentin at bat, and I thought I got lucky and took a good picture. I have always liked Kendall for some reason so I was glad to get another card of him on this site.

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