merging my pictures and cards

1990 Donruss – Brent Morel (Rated Rookie)

In 1990 a third baseman was coming up that was very promising. Donruss made a rated rookie card of him that started off my Robin Ventura collection. It is now 21 years later, and the Sox have Brent Morel who has lots of promise coming up. I have made a couple cards of him already, but thought that I would try and re-create the Ventura card a bit. It is hard because they bat from different sides of the plate, but I found a photo that was close and made the card. I wanted to make this card a while ago, but the top looked hard. Once I thought I found the font for the name I decided to give it a try. Once I realized that I had to start from scratch at the top the card was easy.

As I said I had to look for a picture showing Brent in a similar position that Ventura had on the card. I only had pictures of Brent from the last day of the season so the pool was thin. I thought this card looked as close as I could get it. I may make a few of these down the road without the rated rookie on it.

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