merging my pictures and cards

1988 Donruss – Rick Ankiel

The second card in the ’88 Donruss dump is Rick Ankiel. He only got into one game of the two I saw in 2009. He came in late in the second game, and this was the only picture I had of him. He is famous for being a promising pitcher that lost his control. The story turned though when he came back as a power hitting outfielder. He is a great story that is still going.

This picture was taken as Rick was getting his secondary lead off of first base. As usual I like the fact that the All Star Game patch is visible. Those little things I always like to get in a picture if I can. I wanted to use this picture in the 2010 set that I made, but Rick was playing for the Royals at the time. The new phase of just making cards allowed me to make this card of him even though he is now on the Nationals.


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