merging my pictures and cards

1977 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

This is another card that I made a while back. I had some cards made to do something like this if AJ signed with another team. I should have done it when he signed with the Sox, but I was not posting then. This card is a simple design, but I really like it. That may show on the right side of this blog in how many are already posted. I bet I have as many waiting to be posted. I really just need to post one card an hour for a few days to get all of them out there. Maybe I will count down to the start of the season that way.

A note about the picture. For some reason AJ does not warm up with the pitcher before the game. He warms up separately starting a few minutes after the pitcher has. He will let the bullpen catcher catch most of the warm ups in the pen as well before catching the last few. I guess it will save some on the wear and tear, and maybe the reason he can play so many games. AJ is shown here warming up before Opening Day in 2009.


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