merging my pictures and cards

1952 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

Since I will be gone most of the day I thought that I would have my second big player dump today. This one should be pretty cool. I will be putting out cards I have made of A.J. The catch is that the years have to be before 1980. The first one is the awesome 1952 Topps card. I love the card, and will try to make a few of them. The signature line has AJ’s name along with the inscription ’05 World Series Champs. I thought that was a nice touch for the card.

This picture was taken in July from centerfield. I found a cool picture of one of the Royals players that I wanted to put in this set. After looking a little closer I noticed how cool the shot of AJ would be as well. I know that shots like this didn’t end up on the ’52 card, but I really liked how it looked on it. I ended up moving much closer that day, and some of those pictures will end up on this site by the end of the day.


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