merging my pictures and cards

1989 Upper Deck – Marlon Byrd

I really fell in love with the 1989 Upper Deck set when it came out. I loved the pictures, and how they took a new view on what to put on a baseball card. If I had known how the card would change the hobby for the worse I probably would not have embraced it so much. The hobby swung from 50 cents a pack to $3-$4 a pack very quickly. That won’t stop me from making a few cards from the set though.

When I took this picture I knew I had a good one. I didn’t know that it would be on a card, but anytime you get a guy named Byrd along with a few birds you have an interesting shot. Last June as the Cubs were playing the Sox at Wrigley a storm was blowing in. I bunch of seagulls came in off the lake, and really seemed interesting in centerfield. They didn’t hang out with anyone but Marlon. When I started making cads with other teams on them I knew that this was an Upper Deck card. Since I have only made one year so far it went in the 1989 Upper Deck pile.

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