merging my pictures and cards

1985 Topps – Mark Buehrle (25th Anniversary Edition)

I was thinking about what a great year last season was for me watching baseball. It was the 25th anniversary of my first baseball game. I went to a lot of games, and filled most of my wishlist for the season. I even went to three Sox games in five days around my birthday. That just happened to coincide with the date of my first game. I thought that I would make a small subset to commemorate that great weekend last season. I remade the Sox template a little from 1985. It is close enough to 1985 that I will file it under that year, but I made a few changes. I replaced the Sox logo with the patch that the team wore that season. I also narrowed the borders a bit, and it is amazing how much it changed the card. I like how it looked so I kept the change. I plan on making 25 of these cards for a small subset. This is the first of those cards.

The picture on the card was taken on August 25th as Mark was pitching against the Orioles. It was the 25th anniversary of my first game, and we had great seats right on the dugout. My favorite pitcher was on the mound, and I had a great view of him. Of course I might have taken a few pictures that night.

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