merging my pictures and cards

1984 Topps – Miguel Cabrera

I like the idea of coming up with sets for the World Champs. In 1984 the Tigers took home the hardware. I had the 1986 Mets card earlier in the day so I thought I would post a 1984 Topps card of a Tiger player. Miguel Cabrera is one of the best players in the league. He is a feared hitter that has been dominant almost from day one in the bigs.

The pictures on this card came from two different games as you can see by Miguel’s hair. The main picture on the card was taken last season as Cabrera was batting against the White Sox. This inset picture was taken in 2009 as Miguel was warming up on Polish American Night. We had good seats behind first base so we were able to watch the Tigers warm up. I probably shouldn’t have chosen a picture with a funny face, but I have always liked this picture so I used it.

Another reason I am posting this today is the fact that Miguel was arrested for driving while under the influence in Florida. If you read the complete story (link) it is really sad. He is such a great player that you hope he can get everything together again. I enjoy watching him play, but hope that he can get his drinking under control.

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