merging my pictures and cards

1971 Topps – Ryan Theriot

Okay after two days of themed cards I will just have a few random cards today like in the old days. The first of those is the 1971 Topps Ryan Theriot. I made a few 1971 Topps cards with action on their sides. One of those of Scott Podsednik has already been released. I wanted to try and make a stand up card from the set. I found a great Ernie Banks card through a google search, and made it happen from there. It is a sharp looking card that has stood up well over time.

This picuture of Ryan was taken in 2009 during a game against the Padres. Ryan was throwing the ball to first in between innings. The part I like about the card was that the picture was taken at night which you don’t see much on cards. Baseball at night takes on a whole new dynamic. The relfections from the lights just look great in pictures. The second thing that I love about the card is the fact that you can see the rain coming down around Ryan. I love some of the pictures I got that night with the rain in them. You will see a few of those trickle in over the next couple of months.


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