merging my pictures and cards

1985 Fleer – Albert Pujols

I will step back a year and post this 1985 Fleer card of King Albert. The other cards in this Pujols dump were all autoposts. I decided to post this card after eating lunch today and seeing the nonstop coverage on Albert Pujols on almost every sports channel. The breaking news was broken last night, and there is nothing new to report. He is not going to sign. He is a great ballplayer, but how much more can you drag this out?

That being said I love to watch him play baseball. He would be a great DH or first baseman on the South Side. That would never happen, but you can always wish. I like the 1985 Fleer cards, and already had a template made for the Cardinals once I took the Sox logo off the card. I did that fairly easy, and had a Pujols card. The picture was taken in 2009 as he was manning first base. I love how the picture looks on the card. After today is done King Albert will have a few cards in this custom set I am building. I may have to put a few Sox cards out to put some players back above Albert.

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