merging my pictures and cards

1975 Topps – Albert Pujols

This is the second card in the Albert Pujols dump, and the second new card to the site. I have wanted to do the 1975 set for a while, but it looked as if it could be a pain. Thanks to my new photoshop program having a baseball template in it I was able to make this card fairly easy. Although a Cardinal player was the first of the 1975 Topps set I am sure that a few Sox players will follow.

I liked this picture because it showed Albert doing something other than batting. Early on in my photography career I focused on the obvious situations in a baseball game. That meant mostly pictures of batters and pitchers. I have grown to like pictures that show a different side of the game. Here Albert is getting his secondary lead off of first during a game at the new Busch Stadium.

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