merging my pictures and cards

1987 Topps – Ryan Zimmerman

The deluge of 1987 Topps cards comes to a close with this card of Ryan Zimmerman. I decided to dump a few on the site today after seeing way too many sitting in my folder of cards. The snow storm really left me with nothing better to do for a couple of days. Once the template was made, the cards were very easy to do. I heard a lot about Ryan well before he made it to the Majors. I was happy to see him play in 2009 when I saw two games in two days in St. Louis.

This picture was taken on day one of my St. Louis trip. I had great seats both nights for the games. My seats on my birthday though left with with a free shot at home plate without the screen in the way. After looking at this picture I knew that it had this card in its future.


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