merging my pictures and cards

1987 Topps – Craig Cooper

Get ready folks today is  1987 Topps day. I had a few sitting in a folder after I made them during the snowpocolypse. Releasing a few here and there would never get them all out. I thought that I would just post a bunch of them today to get them out there finally. What better way to start it out than with a minor league player on a team that does not exist anymore. The Fort Wayne Wizards became the Fort Wayne Tincaps prior to the 2009 season. Before that they were the Wizards. I guess they didn’t want to take the old name into the new ballpark.

Craig Cooper was a very good first  baseman for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He graduated in 2006 and was drafted by the San Diego Padres. He briefly played for the Wizards on his way up the ladder. He made it to AAA last season. I would be thrilled to see him play for the Padres one of these days.

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