merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Carlos Marmol

Since he signed an extension today I thought it was time to post the preview card of Carlos Marmol. His new three year deal gives him some comfort that he will be in Chicago for a while. I love the picture on this card for two reasons. The first is that it was taken at night. Not a whole lot of pictures on cards are taken at night. I guess the job of baseball card photographer is a day job. The second is that it was raining. You can see on the card how the grass is glistening, and in the full picture you can even see the raindrops. While it is not the best conditions for my camera it really leads to some cool pictures.

The back of the card is the same as the other Cubs cards. I chose the Heritage rookie card because I really liked how it looked. The back of the Cubs card is a bit different from the other cards in that it doesn’t show the full field from behind home plate. That is because I don’t have a picture that shows that. I settled for just the iconic scoreboard, and I think that it really worked. Sometimes you find something cool out of necessity.


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