merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Curtis Granderson

This might be my favorite preview card so far. Last year on Frank Thomas day at the Cell I had some great seats behind the plate. I was a little more to the Yankees side of the dugout so I thought I would get some great on deck pictures. Guys like Jeter hid behind the screen, but Curtis really interacted with the fans behind him. I have never seen that out of a player to that extent. He was fun to watch for sure. I took this picture of him as he was warming up along with a couple more. I really gained a lot of respect for Curtis that day, and he is now one of my favorite players even if he is a Yankee. One visual note about the card. I darkened the sidebar a little bit. On the Andruw Jones card that I threw together I thought it was a little too light. I took one of the colors off of the logo to make it look a little better. Another thing that I like about this card is the fact that you can really read the patch the team wore for Bob Shepard. Things like that I try to include on pictures because they add some context of time to them. I just really like the picture can’t you tell?

I put a plug on the back of the card for his foundation because of the kindness I saw him display last August. I figured I would give him the added exposure of the tens of people that come to this blog. The name of the foundation is the Grand Kids Foundation, and I added the link again here. That way it has two chances to reach my tens of followers.

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