merging my pictures and cards

1988 Score – Alexei Ramirez

Saturation Sunday will close with this 1988 Score replica card of Alexei Ramirez. When he first came to the White Sox I had never heard of him. He had a great spring in 2008 making the team. He struggled out of the gate, but then performed to the level that had him in the Rookie of the Year talk. He is one of my favorite players because of the passion that he plays the game with. This picture is a little different. Alexei had a very weird stance watching the ball into the catchers glove. I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but I would almost bet it was a bunt attempt. No matter I love the picture, and think it looks good on the card.

Speaking of the card these are my pride and joy. I made these Score cards from scratch early on in the process. With a program that was hard to use I thought I did a pretty good job. It does help though when design is an easy one. I liked how the card turned out, and I have a few more coming down the pipeline.

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