merging my pictures and cards

1983 Topps – Alexei Ramirez

If you have a close up picture of a player, and an action picture what can you do with them? You can make a 1983 Topps card that’s what. I have already made two cards from this set, but they were both Twins players. This is the first White Sox card. It is a little rough. I still have to figure out how to properly replace the Topps logo in the upper right hand corner. It is a little rough, but I liked both pictures enough to release it now. This was the first of two years in a row where Topps decided to have two pictures on the card. That makes it a little tougher for me to make cards because I need a close up headshot to make them.

I took the insert picture against the Royals after Alexei didn’t like a call at first base. He was being restrained by Harold Baines, and appeared to be looking right at me. It was the perfect insert picture. The main picture of the card was taken the same day as Alexei was throwing over to first in between innings. I think they work well together to make the card.

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