merging my pictures and cards

1977 Topps – Gordon Beckham

Saturation Sunday continues with another fake retro card. For some reason I really like how the 1977 Topps card has held up. I might also like this card for the same reason I like a lot of these older cards. I had one or two as a kid, but not very many. Thanks to the magic of photoshop I can now have as many as I want.

This picture was taken last June at Wrigley as the Sox were getting ready to play the Cubs. We had some great seats on the first base side right next to where the players were warming up. I took full advantage of my proximity to the players and took many pictures. This is just one of the many that did or will end up on cards for this site. I really liked this picture because it captures the fun this game can be. I wish all big leaguers had this expression on their faces while they played. Of course we would get on them like the Sox fans did Nick Swisher so that might not be good.

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