merging my pictures and cards

1972 Topps – Scott Podsednik

I thought that I might post a few cards today. I think I really want to get that Cracker Jack card off of the top of the page. I do like these 1972 Topps cards, and I think it is time to put a few out. I love this design, and I really think the black uniforms look good on it. I have a few more of these waiting to be released so I might have to get to doing that pretty quick. I have been sidetracked a little lately.

This picture was taken as Scott was returning to left field for the top half of an inning at the Cell. He usually had something interesting to do when he got out there. He was never too serious about warming up, and come to think of it he was not too serious fielding. I think we all got spoiled with Aaron Rowand, and we wanted every player to not be fearless near the wall. Scotty Pods had a little fear to say the least when he got near the wall.

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