merging my pictures and cards

1952 Topps – Ken Griffey Jr.

Seeing that Topps is celebrating its 60th anniversary I thought that I would try to re-create the card that started it all. One of the most sought after cards is the 1952 Mickey Mantle card. It was fate that his career started at about the same time as Topps did. I have not tried this card before because of the autograph. My photoshop skills were also not good enough to figure out how to get the picture behind the nameplate and logo as well. I have gotten a little better to the point that I copied the logo and nameplate and made them into new layers. Having done that I had a large hole where the autograph should be. The answer to the autograph quandary was surprisingly simple. I used a google search for Ken’s autograph and found a few baseballs with is on. The baseballs had a white background which was perfect. I put that on the card, and it was complete. A couple days after making my oldest card I have now topped that. I thought a future hall of famer would be a good choice to put on the card.

This picture was taken in 2008 during Ken’s time with the Sox. I took it on the last Sunday of the season which should have been the last day. Of course the Sox had a makeup game the next day as well as the tiebreaker game. Ken was doing a shuffling drill that did not look good. From the waist up though you could not tell which made the perfect picture for this card.


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