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2011 csd Preview – Carlos Quentin

Carlos came to the White Sox without much behind his name. I really did not know who he was. After an injury allowed him into the lineup he had an MVP type year before he injured his hand throwing a temper tantrum. He really has not been the same since. He has shown flashes of that form, but has never really put a long string of games together. Just the same I really like to watch him hit. He has an all or nothing swing that creates some excitement. You also have to factor in all of the times he has been hit by a pitch. He doesn’t even flinch. That takes a tough man to watch something 90+ MPH coming at your head and not even twitch.

The picture on the front of the card was taken last season as Carlos was batting against the Blue Jays. It sort of shows his unique batting style. He will even get into a deeper crouch as the pitch is coming in. On the back I have stayed the same as I have for a while now. I liked this card of Quentin the best so it made the back. With the rookie cards that is pretty much the deciding factor on what goes on the card. Whichever card I like the best makes the cut. In the future it will be easy as all cards will be Topps.



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