merging my pictures and cards

1991 Upper Deck – Ryan Grant

I know that he wasn’t on the active list this season, but the Packers have a very good running back in Ryan Grant. I decided that I couldn’t just leave out players just because they weren’t playing in the Super Bowl. This is my card set, not a team picture. As with the other cards in this Packer set I have taken an actual Packers card from the past, and modified it for my own purposes. In this case I took the 1991 Upper Deck Tony Mandarich card, and cut out the picture and changed the name and position.

I took this picture in 2009 as the Packers were warming up prior to the game. Grant was playing catch with Ahman Green who had just rejoined the team. I liked how this picture reminded me a bit of the classic Nolan Ryan card where he is throwing a football. I know that it is not weird that a football player is tossing the pigskin around, but this is my set and I make the rules.

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