merging my pictures and cards

1986 McDonald’s – Aaron Rodgers

This site may shift gears for a couple of days. I love to make baseball cards, and I have had no success with football cards. I tried to make two custom sets that did not look good in my eyes. With the Packers winning the Super Bowl last night I decided to just take some Packer pictures that I had and put them on older cards. I had some good results doing that. This week I will still be issuing my preview set for baseball, but I will sprinkle in a few Packer cards.

The first of the cards I will post is this 1986 McDonald’s card of Aaron Rodgers. Of course Aaron was the MVP of the Super Bowl. He has been showing Packer fans that 3 times four equals 12. He is a great quarterback that now has a ring. As a kid growing up near Chicago I received Bears cards when I went to McDonalds. I never even saw these cards with the Packers on them until this morning as I was browsing some cards online. I was immediately taken back to my childhood, and knew that I would be making a few of these. I took an image of an old Jim Zorn card and changed the picture and the text. It was actually a very easy card to alter. I tried to pick a picture of Aaron that fit the card. I really like how this one turned out.

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